Google To Search Scholarly Papers

    April 12, 2004

Search engine Google is teaming up with a number of universities to implement searches of academic papers, essays, and more. As of now, the partnership is with MIT and 16 other universities.

Since its inception, Google has crawled university documents. This agreement will give the search engine the ability to directly search archives of scholarly papers that these universities possess. These academic archives are called superarchives.

The 17 universities that are a part of this agreement have about 1000 papers in each of their superarchive. This is expected to grow as they become more search friendly. Google is planning on making this search available through their advanced search page.

Currently, the participating institutions have begun adding metadata tags to their catalog of academic papers. This will make crawling, indexing, and searching these works easier.

Plans for this search are not limited to just Google. MacKenzie Smith, associate director of technology for MIT’s libraries, in an interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education said, “it’s not like we’re working on an exclusive arrangement with Google. We may even do our own thing over time.”

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