Google Thinks I’m a Wiener

    August 29, 2005

An Oscar Mayer Wiener to be exact. Here’s a fun example of the power of blogs, and search engines.

A recent post here on mobile marketing featured the Wienermobile. Oscar Mayer has a contest to win a day-long test drive in the fuel-injected frank. The post has received 38 comments from people telling me why they should win. Traffic logs helped me figure out that a misspelling in one of the comments has my blog popping up high in searches for “Oscar Myer.” And yes, I realize this post will only compound the problem.

A quick e-mail to Kraft Foods, alerting them to the extra entries, elicited this response:

Hi Kevin: Thank you for visiting We appreciate the time you have taken to share your comments with us.

However, in order to ensure that everyone’s submissions are considered on the same level based on required information, we will only be able to consider the submissions from our site.

If you haven’t done so already, please add our site to your favorites and visit us again soon!

Cynthia Boychuk, Executive Representative

OK, the legal department makes the rules for these contests. But if you were one of these 38 people and you got an e-mail from Kraft thanking you for your entry, but asking you to resubmit it so it would count and the email had a link to the exact page you needed to visit, would that make you a happy customer? Maybe. Would you tell other people about the Kraft e-mail? Probably. Think of the good will Cynthia could have created by writing one email and sending it to these 38 people.

This response is even more bizarre coming from a company that is clearly savvy about online marketing. Kraft recipes are available for download to your iPod. You can take the recipe into the store, scroll through it on your iPod and make sure you pick up the right ingredients.

Segue to an observation…memory-rich iPods are one huge distribution channel for marketers. We should be getting more creative about all the opportunities that new technologies and gadgetry offer. For example, we have only begun to tap into how we use RSS feeds. Kraft got creative with the iPod and came out of left field with a great idea, IMHO.

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