Google Releases New Firefox Toolbar

    April 6, 2006

Google has released the second version of its Firefox toolbar. New features are:

Google Suggest-like auto-completing search box (previously available as an extension)

  • You can now replace the Firefox search box with Google’s
  • Phishing site detection, like IE’s Phishing Filter
  • RSS feed autodetection, with the option to add feeds to your Google Personalized Homepage, Bloglines, Firefox Live Bookmarks, My Yahoo, Newsgator or Pluck

    Firefox’s mailto: links can open up a compose window in Gmail

    Did I mention that I will always hate the way Firefox installs things?

    I installed the toolbar, and it seems solid. Its good and customizable, and the layout options are a nice addition. The Google blog says:

    As a dedicated Firefox user, I think that the latest version enhances an already innovative browser. Meanwhile, you IE Toolbar 4 fans may notice that the feature sets aren’t identical. That’s because Firefox and IE users have different needs. Rest assured that we’re working to get the most popular features in both versions.


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