Google Nearly Ready With In-Game Advertising

    November 7, 2007

You don’t need to worry about pixies hawking Diet Pepsi or having to watch action heroes put on Axe deodorant.  Google intends to address ads in video games in a different way, and according to new reports, it intends to do so starting this month.

“Google is going to embed 15-second, ‘video-type’ pre-roll and mid-roll ads in some of Bunchball’s casual games,” according to Om Malik.  That seems reasonable enough.  Google’s plans for the future appear to offer gamers a better deal, though, in terms of comparing the amount of advertising to the quality of the game.

“The second step in Google’s game-focused advertising strategy will take place in December, when the company will, I’m told, will offer an ad-supported version of the PC game Psychonauts,” Malik later continued.  “This will be a downloadable game and will have 30-second pre- and mid-roll video ads, according to my sources.”

Malik goes on to give a bit of information about Psychonauts and link to its Wikipedia entry.  The detail and length of that entry – and the extremely positive reviews that are mentioned towards the bottom – indicate that this could be a great game for Google to stake part of its reputation on.

Assuming everything moves ahead on schedule, it won’t be too long before we find out if that’s the case.