Google Mobile Launches

    March 12, 2005

A Threadwatch reader, Michel emailed me a little earlier to point out that had apparently, and very quietly launched.


I’ve spent the last half an hour hunting around for mention of this and at least according to my searches, it is brand spanking new.
Accessing and Using Google Mobile

You can access Google Mobile by simply navigating to the normal Google home page. Presumably it detects you’re on a mobile phone and displays the correct formatting for you. You can see how it looks in a web browser by going to

What you can do..

You can use Google Mobile for:

  • Web Search
  • Image Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Other services such as Froogle and Gmail are not available right now. There an extensive FAQ however.

    You can also Add Google Mobile to your site.

    Looks good doesn’t it?

    Thanks El Telendro

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