Google Launches Traditional Media Blog

    July 2, 2008

A lot of people don’t participate in Google’s TV, newspaper, and radio advertising programs.  Others aren’t even aware they exist.  So Google has launched a new traditional media blog with the aim of changing both these conditions.

Google Traditional Media
 Google’s New Traditional Media Blog

Fair warning: the blog’s name is reminiscent of something pretend tough guys would say, or perhaps online daters who decide to meet in real life.  Still, as part of the first post on Let’s Take it Offline, Kate Pacher announced, "We’ve created this blog as a place for you to turn for the latest in feature launches and tips to help you run effective traditional media campaigns."

She then continued, "We’ll also share recent industry findings, which we think will be interesting and useful for both individuals who are new to the offline advertising space as well as those of you who have been advertising offline for a while."

Since we’ve seen some of Google’s blogs get ignored for weeks and even months, a key point will be how well Let’s Take it Offline sticks to those "latest" and "recent" guarantees.  People are more likely to give Google’s traditional media programs a shot if they don’t seem like a small side project.

Google still has to overcome old giants in several industries, though, and the economy isn’t encouraging financial experimentation.