Google Improves Traffic Estimation with Ad Planner

    January 30, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google’s Inside AdWords Crew is talking about a new model for traffic estimation using Google Ad Planner. They say it will help reduce confusion around tracking the number of unique visors to your site.

So what does this entail exactly?
According to the Inside AdWords blog, they:

– Added Unique Visitors (cookies), a new cookie-based metric, to help you cross-check and compare metrics, similar to Google Analytics unique visitor metrics.

– Changed Unique Visitors to Unique Visitors (users) so it’s clearer that you’re reviewing estimated numbers of real world users.

Placed the Unique Visitors (cookies) and Unique Visitors (users) metrics on a site’s
profile page so you’ll have a more comprehensive view of how a specific site can support your media planning. Learn how to make the most of these two metrics.

"In addition, our new model improves our traffic estimates," says the Crew’s Trevor Claiborne. "You’ll notice our page view estimates are now more accurate and consistent with web server measurements."

They’ve also added several new demographics including the countries of Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Switzerland, and a category of "Children in Household." Claiborne promises a good deal of more improvements on the Google Ad Planner front throughout the year.