Google Acquires Zenter

    June 20, 2007

Google appears to be on track to deliver on its promise to provide a PowerPoint alternative by the summer. The company has announced the acquisition of Zenter, a company offering online slide presentations.


There’s not point heading over to the Zenter site for information on the product, as you’ll be greated with a simple message explaining the company has been acquired by Google. Interestingly, you can’t even check the cache for the old site, as Google has learnt this is the first place us marketers check, and have therefore updated the cache too. :-(

Here’s what we’ve pieced together from the web.

Via an old TechCrunch review

Zenter is an web based presentation app that promises to really take advantage of being online. Users will have the regular functionality of PowerPoint, but with the ability to directly add content from the web (Google Images). Each public slide show will also be put into a public library, for other users to remix or just drop into their show.

And in March Business 2.0 had this to say

“We want to be the Gmail of PowerPoint,” says co-founder Wayne Crosby. Well, so does everyone else. So  what sets this online presentation tool apart?


Zenter’s coolest features are support for live broadcasts, use of fonts without plug-ins, and the ability to drag and drop images, charts and content directly from any site. Zenter also imports PowerPoint files and allows users to  control who they share files with.

Referring to yourself as the “Gmail of PowerPoint” was a surefire way to get yourself acquired by Google! Now, just remember, Google is not looking to compete with Microsoft Office, despite the fact that they now have all of the components to do so! ;-)