Finding The Missing Outlook Spell Checker

    June 26, 2003

Question: I have Outlook Express for my e-mail. I can not turn on my spell checker. It is on my tool bar, but not turned on. I have gone to Tools, Options, but have no speller tab. How do I turn on spell checker? Thanks…
– Marie

Carey’s Response:

While the feature has a spot reserved in the settings of Outlook Express, spellcheck is not actually included in the program. It does not have a dictionary of its own and must borrow the feature from other Microsoft products with spell-checkers. If you don’t have something such as Word installed, Outlook Express shows the spell check as disabled and greyed out. One solution is to install a third-party spell-checker, such as Spell Checker for Edit Boxes (, SpellChecker ( or MicroSpell ( You can also look online at places such as (

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