Facebook Publishes 2009’s Top Status Trends

    December 21, 2009

Facebook users are a pretty important group of people; after all, in recent months, it’s been established that there are more of them than there are individuals in the United States.  So to wrap up 2009, Facebook’s provided a list that helps spell out what its users have been thinking about all year.

You can view the list of top status trends below.  It was made possible thanks to something termed "Facebook Memology," and as you can see, has been a bit simplified (condensing Farmville, Farm Town, and Social Living into "Facebook Applications," for example).

We’ll respect your intelligence by just hitting some of the items that might not be completely obvious.  Here’s a quick one: at number two, "FML" stands for "f*ck my life."  Which makes sense given the economy’s nosedive.

Then, at number eleven, "years" is nothing more than a reference to dates like 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Apparently a lot of folks thought about life on something other than a day-to-day basis.

Finally, "yard" is simply a reference to the green things that surround houses.  To explain this word’s presence, data scientist Lars Backstrom theorized on the Facebook Blog, "[H]ipsters’ moms and dads are also on Facebook, and these folks have yards that require some tending."  Or it might have something to do with the housing stimulus and a fair number of young people getting yards for the first time.

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