Facebook Makes Share Buttons More Useful

    October 26, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook launched a new version of its Share button today. This includes a live counter and analytics. When you use the new share button on your content, you can measure engagement and view the number of shares, likes, comments made, and clicks back to your site.

"Share analytics bring new opportunities to show how content is being shared on Facebook, such as Techmeme for selecting top stories and bit.ly for analyzing URL traffic," a spokesperson for Facebook tells WebProNews. "The new Share button is among the easiest Facebook Connect widgets to install and can be added to any website with just a few lines of code."

To get the share button, go to Facebook’s widgets page. From there, you can set up how you want it to look and retrieve the appropriate code.

Create the Facebook Share Button

The Facebook share button can be a tremendous contributor to the driving of traffic via the social network. Once Facebook updates begin appearing in Bing results (and possibly Google if Google makes a deal with Facebook) search and share buttons should combine for some major measurable traffic.

According to Facebook, users share over 2 billion pieces of content on the social network each week. Most of that, the company says, is facilitated by Facebook Share buttons across the web. More on the new share button here.
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