Facebook f8? Read The Fine Print

    May 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The terms and conditions of Facebook’s new f8 development platform may give its targeted developer audience pause before firing up the IDE and getting to work.

The debut of Facebook Platform for application development received the kind of reception by tech observers that a World Series winner gets from its fans. Enthusiasm, euphoria, and lots of love surrounded its launch.

As Larry David might say, curb your enthusiasm. Vecosys blogger Ivan Pope took a peek at the terms and conditions associated with f8, and he found a couple of gotchas that developers have to consider.

He summarized the salient points in his post:

Be aware of this:
1. Facebook can limit you or terminate you at any time at their sole discretion (Section A.3)
2. Facebook reserve the right to impose fees at time and in any manner (Section 3)
3. Facebook can copy and distribute your Application, and analyse the content in order to target advertising (Section 4)
4. Facebook may create similar applications to yours, with no obligation to you (Sectition 4)
5. You can