Facebook A Union Issue?

    August 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Employers upset with the amount of time their employees are spending on Facebook want to ban access to the site and now union officials in Britain are stepping in, telling them to ease up.

Facebook A Union Issue?
Facebook A Union Issue?

A recent survey seems to be the culprit, suggesting that Britons spend a whopping three hours per month on Facebook, earning it the obligatory bastardization "Crackbook," according to the Telegraph’s Aislinn Simpson.

Excluding overtime, the time spent on the "crackberry" checking work-related email from home, answering phone calls while on vacation, the time lying awake worrying about work, lunch and the occasional coffee break, that averages out to just over 9.5 minutes per day spent on "Crackbook."

God what slackers.

It’s not clear from the Telegraph’s article if union leaders mentioned that Facebook is the new LinkedIn, making it, officially, as much a professional tool as a Rolodex, cell phone, phone, book, or business card, but they did say banning access to the site altogether was an "overreaction."

"Better to invest a little time in working out sensible conduct guidelines, so that there don’t need to be any nasty surprises for staff or employers," said Trade Union Congress General Secretary Brendan Barber.

Nonetheless, some employers remain stingy and miffed about all that lost productivity lost because they have to give lunch breaks. But you’ll never hear them complain when an employee cuts his lunch short to get a little extra work done.