Experimental Google Search Options

    October 24, 2007

Google is experimenting with some very cool options for searching. First off, they have show new view: keywords that display additional ways to view / filter search results:

  • view:timeline – displays a graph indicating the number of results by date so you can track trends, e.g., coldfusion view:timeline
  • view:map – displays a map highlighting top search results, e.g., sean corfield view:map
  • view:info – displays additional ways to highlight parts of the results based on dates, measurements, locations and images, e.g., sean corfield view:info (then select "Locations")

In addition, from the experimental page you can choose keyboard shortcuts (to navigate your search results) or left-hand / right-hand search menus (they’re slightly different).

You can choose to "join" one of the experiments which makes it your default Google results format (assuming you’re logged in). I picked the left-hand context menus which seem to be richer.