ECM Solution Utilizes Embedded Search Technology

    October 5, 2004

Interwoven has embedded Verity search technology into its newest version of Interwoven TeamSite software.

Interwoven TeamSite powers the industry’s most advanced Web Content Management solution, enabling organizations to protect their brand online, comply with corporate governance standards, and improve operational efficiency across all Web-based initiatives. The latest version of Interwoven TeamSite will be generally available in October. Interwoven TeamSite, which underpins a wide range of enterprise Web initiatives, from intranets and internal portals to public Web sites, dealer portals and extranets, now features information management services using Verity advanced search capabilities.

“The addition of advanced information management services is an important enhancement to our already popular TeamSite software,” said Kevin Cochrane, vice president, WCM products and solutions for Interwoven. “Interwoven TeamSite has long promoted advanced content reuse with our strong support for metadata and XML as well as helped our customers address compliance requirements with patented site versioning capabilities. With the integration of Verity’s advanced search functionality, we now make it easier than ever to find and reuse content to help organizations track down previously published information on any archived version of their website.”

The Verity search capabilities, part of the advanced information management services, provide advanced search features in TeamSite such as search by content category, file type, or file characteristics. Further, searches can be made at the sub-document level, within small segments of Web sites, whole Web sites, and even across multiple Web sites. Verity enables many other new search-related features for users of TeamSite including:

— Full-text search of more than 200 file formats

— Keyword search and advanced full-text, sub-document search

— Capability to store result sets to provide quick access to information

— Full parametric search to find and sort content based on content category, standard metadata and file properties

— Freely extensible search, enabling companies to locate content based on custom, company-specific metadata and file attributes

— Robust security, ensuring that results are returned only to users with proper permissions

“The integration of Verity search technology with Interwoven TeamSite is an important advancement for this proven software,” said Andrew D. Feit, Verity’s senior vice president of marketing. “It underscores both the value of embedding Verity intellectual capital management capabilities into this kind of solution and the versatility of the architecture upon which they are built. We are pleased to be an integral part of Interwoven’s enhanced Web Content Management solution.”

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