eBay Removes Items-Per-Seller Limit in Search Results

    March 18, 2009
    Chris Crum

eBay has announced that starting this week, they will be displaying every listing according to their Best Match sort order, even when they come from the same seller. That means there is no longer a ten-listing-per-customer-per-page limit.

Jeff King"Since July of last year, we’ve been showing a maximum of 10 listings per page, whether Fixed Price or Auction-style, from any one seller," explains eBay Senior Director of Finding, Jeff King. "Now that a track record of recent sales is a key factor in the sort order for Fixed Price, most sellers are consolidating their listings into fewer low-cost multi-quantity listings. This has proven to be the right strategy for sellers and a great shopping experience for buyers."

King says eBay encourages sellers to focus on the following to get the best position for fixed price listings:

–  Create effective, accurate listings with distinct and descriptive titles.

– Use the long duration (30-day or Good ‘Till Cancelled) multi-quantity format whenever appropriate.

– Offer free shipping.

eBay offers more insight into how Best Match works, and offers tips about how to utilize it here. Do you think it is a good idea that eBay removed the limit? Let us know.