Poker Celebrity Phil Hellmuth Takes Down His Drunk Tweets!

Drinking and Twittering Poker Brat

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Poker superstar Phil (Poker Brat) Hellmuth, who first started twittering December 18th last year has taken to Twitter like it’s his personal diary. Hellmuth is using Twitter as a live outlet to express his frustrations after a losing hand during online poker play so the rail birds at UltimateBet can experience the full flavor of a Hellmuth outburst, just like on ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker. (Follow Phil Hellmuth on Twitter)

Note: Since this article was originally published Wednesday, April 15th, many blogs and news sites were inspired to also run stories on Hellmouth’s drunk tweets. Hellmuth has since taken down his twitter posts, but you can still read them on WebProNews.

Phil (Poker Brat) Hellmuth

From the last few hours:

>> I am so drunk I cannot lose!!!! Going to play high stakes limit Hold’em at UB now!!

>> Lost 16k at no limit

>> Now throwing my cell phone accross my desk in disgust…And still drinking…12 down, i hate alcohol…


Starting in mid March Helmuth dived head first into tweeting as a way of letting followers in on his celebrity lifestyle. However, Twitter seems to now be more than just a glimpse of Phil Hellmuth’s life, but a full window into his thoughts, frustrations and failings.

From earlier today and last night while playing online poker:

>> I am drinking tonight, in fact way too much! Maybe 6 total shots in 5 hours. Just landed in bay area…

>> I have never had a drinking problem, never. But here i am having another beer! Moosehead Beer is good! Thats 6 in 6 hours.

>> Called Layne Flack to tell him to tell me to stop drinking! But he said, ‘U have everything, enjoy yourself.’ Opening another Moosehead

>> What the F@&/k is going on here? 7 drinks in 6 hours, and i just cracked another Moosehead…Watching ‘Supertramp’ on youtube at home

>> I am Dissapointed in myself…8 drinks in 6 and 30 mins. And I want more! F it, opening 1 more Moosehead!!

>> I guess I will have a hangover, just finishing 9 drinks in 7 hours! Listening to Beatles ‘Something in the way she moves’ on youtube

>> 9 drinks down in 7 hours…Trying Red Tail Ale, yuck! Michelob, pass. Blue Moon Rasberry Cream, horrible!!

>> Ok, completely wasted now. Listening to Beatles ‘Strawberry Fields’ and opening a bottle of Innskillin ‘Vidal’ pouring a glass.

>> Listening to Beatles ‘I am the walrus’ by myself while drinking number 10 drink…Embarassed to drink so much!! Help!


I guess it won’t help to tell Phil that while he was losing 12 thousand, the other poker Phil … Phil Galfond won over a half million over at Full Tilt Poker!

Poker Celebrity Phil Hellmuth Takes Down His Drunk Tweets!
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  • http://www.anskypoker.com Guest

    Unlike Phil Hellmuth, Phil Galfond is actually very, very good.

  • http://astore.amazon.com/poker-genie-pro-20 pokerplaya444

    If Phil isnt funny enough when he is sober ranting about the donkeys playing at his table I would love to see him pull a Scotty Ngyuen and get all drunk and make a fool of himself on tv

  • http://www.nasdaq.com/investing/investools.stm Investools

    A prime example of Twitter fulfilling an entertaining purpose. I love it! If Phil wants to invest the time in promoting his “celebrite lifestyle,” more power to him. It’s funny how Twitter was supposed to be about limiting your thoughts to 140 characters when ultimately when really all it needed was 8: “me me me” (spaced count)

    • http://www.alleghenyhealth.com Chiropractic Pittsburgh

      I think this is a good example of why I think Twitter is a waist of time. I’m sure we have more important things to do rather than read about how someone got wasted and lost their money, come on guys…

  • Guest

    He likes Moosehead! Moosehead is a deadly beer

  • http://www.dogseizures.net Sam@dogseizures.net

    Twitter, indeed, turns to be an online diary to celebrities. In which case, it turns out to be more beneficial to twitter management. More and more fans will check twitter, as frequent as possible, for more updates of their favorite celebrities.

  • Guest

    Hey, since when 1 beer per hour is to much or means a drinking problem?

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