Doh! Simpsons Cybersquatter Loses Domain

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Perhaps he should have just taken the 300 bucks. Instead Keith Malley, now the former owner of TheSimpsonsMovie.com, is most likely out some money.

Twentieth Century Fox, the company that’s releasing the long-awaited TV series-based Simpsons Movie this weekend, hauled Malley to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), who ruled Malley had no legitimate claim to the domain. 

Malley was using the domain for a parody site and demanded $50,000 from Fox, according to Reuters, as reimbursement for the work he’d put into it. Fox offered him $300.

Fox called it cybersquatting and Malley called it bullying. Either way, Fox has its movie domain and Malley has some free (well, not really) publicity for his "Keith and the Girl" podcast.

Doh! Simpsons Cybersquatter Loses Domain
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  • brandon

    It is bullying. Keith purchased the domain fair and square back in 1999 and its not right the FOX can come along, offer him pennies for it and the cry to WIPO and have it taken away. Keith is going to appeal the decision and i pray to god that he wins. Listen to Keith and the Girl podcasts.

    • http://domainwanted.org rafiq

      He registered in 1999? then it is definitely bullying.. he maintained the domain for 8 years and they want just like that??.. sure he should appeal and fight for his rights. I’m sure he will win!. All the best to you.


      • gavin

        It is blatant cyber squatting and dishonest and to quote KM “shady”. It wasnt his and it would have had no value or even crossed his mind to register it if the Simpsons brand had not been given value through the work of others. And to think KM always complains about Podshow and the like profiting off of the work of others. i think his true colours are showing through now

  • Jeff

    I think this sucks! Keith Malley had the vision and foresight to register the Domain first and he did actually have some content there… it’s not as if it was one of those worthless fake search sites. Fox could afford to pay Malley’s requested amount. Fox probably wastes far more than that on business lunches for their directors. Corporations should NOT be allowed to push someone out of their established Domain just because they have the muscle and cash behind them. They could have just called it something similar. The judge needs to be audited and have his ass kicked.
    Screw it. I refuse to pay to watch that movie now. I hate corporate bully tactics.

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