Death Of PodTech? That’s News To Scoble

    October 25, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

When Dan Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs, wrote of the rumored imminent demise of video podcasting site PodTech, a few people picked up on the post as gospel. They missed something.

That something being a little extra fact-checking with the most well-known PodTech employee, Robert Scoble:

This is total, 100% bull####. Not even deserving of a response. I’m not leaving PodTech. When, er if, I am you’ll read it here on my blog.

Interesting that not a single blogger called me this evening.

Interesting too that OUR COMPETITORS are the ones who are writing this crap. Thanks guys.

PodTech has suffered personnel issues in recent months. They fired well-regarded video blogger Irina Slutsky over the summer. A week ago, company founder John Furrier left his CEO position with PodTech, a move that made people wonder about the future of PodTech.

As Scoble noted in his response, his phone number is on his blog. People who reported on the story seemed accepting of the hint of PodTech’s passing, so much that no one called him. That’s not a good sign for a company, when a rumor by a parodist comes across as a likely truth.