Congress Wants Hubble Fixed

    July 25, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Legislation in the House and Senate concerning NASA’s policy measures will be followed by its budget.

The House has already passed NASA’s policy measure bill, with the Senate expected to do the same in turn. Both Congressional bodies want to see NASA repair the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA had been non-committal on Hubble, leading to speculation they space agency would let Hubble simply shutdown in a few years.

In passing the House resolution 383-15, legislators went along with the White House on its ambitious goals for space exploration. The House had wanted to shift some exploration money to other NASA programs, according to CBS News, but ultimately increased the bottom line on the budget to avoid that shift.

The House wants NASA to get its next-generation crew exploration vehicle ready as close to 2010 as possible. NASA has selected two contractors, Lockheed Martin and a team of Boeing and Northrop Grumman, from a group of several to refine their proposals for a new CEV.

New NASA administrator Michael Griffin worked to accelerate that process upon taking office. Instead of taking until 2008 to decide on a single contractor, NASA will choose between its two finalists in 2006. If the plan can stay on schedule, the CEV should be ready for launch after the shuttle fleet retires in 2010.

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