Canadians Spending More Time Online

    September 24, 2008

Canadian Internet users are spending more time online but it is not significantly changing other media habits.

According to a new report by The Canadian Internet Project, Canadians find the time to be heavy Internet users while maintaining their level of use of other media forms.

Canadians spent an average of more than 45 hours per week consuming traditional media and engaging in live entertainment activities.  There is no difference between Internet users and nonusers when it comes to total time spent using traditional media.

"Canada belongs to a world where the Internet, technology and media are central to our everyday lives," said Fred Fletcher, Co-Investigator of CIP and University Professor Emeritus, Communication Studies and Political Science, York University.

"The 2007 survey provides an unmatched analysis of Canadian online habits and how the Internet and emerging technologies are transforming lives. It is our hope that Canadian decision-makers – public and private – will use the results of this study to make more informed decisions."

People in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario have the highest rates of Internet connectivity at 82 percent.

The survey of more than 3,100 Canadians looked at their use of the Internet, conventional media and emerging technologies. The CIP says there will be a second report that will examine both new and conventional media, as well as the socio-economic and cultural impact the Internet is having on Canadians.