BlogWorld: Tips On Syndication

    November 9, 2007

By writing a blog, you get to air your thoughts and feelings, converse with intelligent people in the comments section, and do all other sorts of nice things.  Yet what’s really nice is making money, and blog syndication can give you the best of both worlds.

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Larry Schwartz

In a session called “Syndicating Your Blog For Profit,” Larry Schwartz shared some pointers on the matter.  Schwartz is the president of Newstex, and Newstex defines itself as “content on demand,” so he’s in a good position to know about syndication.

His first point, then, is that frequency matters.  Don’t plan to ignore your blog for weeks at a time and still keep people interested.  Also, you may not be able to hold their attention with short bursts – Schwartz said that longer posts are better, and cited 600-700 words as a good target range.

At the same time, you can’t ramble your way to an appropriate length – staying on topic is key.  You’ll want to stay non-exclusive, as well, and create some sort of summary RSS feed.  Schwartz recommended thinking about video as yet another option.

Granted, all of this may sound like a bit of work.  But as Schwartz said, “Big companies need blogs.”

WebProNews Video anchor Abby Prince contributed to this report.