Blogger Relations Update #1

    April 18, 2006

About 48 hours has lapsed since I sent out the first batch of some 60 invitations to participate in the Click.TV blogger relations program.

So far, I’ve heard from about 10 of them. All the responses have been positive. I haven’t had an email or even heard a rumbling from anyone who thinks there’s anything wrong with the program so far.

One of the bloggers I emailed is Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. He blogged about Click.TV immediately. Since TechCrunch is widely read, it led to some pickup among other bloggers, including an enthusiastic write-up from Saul Weiner, a South African living and blogging in Silicon Valley. I sent him a one-off email asking if he’d be interested in participating. I got a quick response back that he would. I’ve been tracking other blogger pickup on Technorati, some of which seems to have been driven by Click.TV’s appearance as Adobe’s “Site of the Day.”

One of the problems we’re encountering right off the bat is some misconceptions about Click.TV. As some people saw the Adobe feature and looked at the demo videos, they assumed Click.TV was another entry into the video sharing space already occupied by YouTube and a host of others. One of my challenges now is to correct that impression. Click.TV is a service that can run on any site, including YouTube, should YouTube ever decide to offer its videos in the Flash video format. There will be a Click.TV sharing site-designed to allow individuals to upload and create Click.TV videos-but that’s not the centerpiece of the company. The centerpiece is the software that allows any site to host the Click.TV interface. Imagine watching, for instance, CNN videos with producer or anchor time codes and comments.

To correct the impression, I’m turning to the bloggers who agreed to participate in the program. I’ll probably also post an explanation to the blogger relations blog, which is at The site isn’t 100% finished-I’m having a problem getting the membership feature turned on (I only want bloggers participating in the program to be able to comment), but that should be resolved in a day or two.

All in all, things seem to be going fine so far.

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