Blinkx Launches MyBlinkx For Personalized Video Search

    October 3, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Video search engine Blinkx announced the launch of my today, a new service aimed at enabling users to aggregate video content into a single customized stream to play on demand.

My allows users to enter a search of video blogs and save it as a channel, which will automatically update with relevant footage. Video bloggers can upload and store their content for free.

The “personal channel” can be viewed as a single, uninterrupted media stream, either online, or from downloaded files on video players. The company says the idea is to empower users to customize content and choose how and when they view it.

The service works by “normalizing” uploaded user-generated video content, converting it into Flash, creating an audio transcript, and indexing the file. This creates what blinkx describes as a “living library” of video clips that searchers can sift through.

“There’s been a huge amount of noise about IPTV, but we’ve yet to see any real progress in this area,” said blinkx founder Suranga Chandratillake. “At blinkx, we believe that IPTV should combine the interactive, customizable experience of the Internet, with the simple, seamless way we watch TV – with my, we’re collaborating with our users to experiment with how we think that might look.”

The company expects the service to expand to include popular commercial video content as well.