As Temp Rises, So Do Swimwear/Diet Searches

    May 18, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

On the opposite side of the lucrative junk food market is the diet market – enough that it makes you wonder if there’s some grander scheme involved: make money fattening them up and then make money slimming them down.

Regardless of the truth to that theory, searches for "diets" surge twice a year, but only once a year do they correlate with searches for "swimwear."

This little factoid comes courtesy of Hitwise’s LeeAnn Prescott, who notices that there is a seasonal connection between poolside fashion and interest in dieting.

You might say that you didn’t need a line graph to understand that (women, we’ll sexistly assume) once summer approaches and the legs start making their perennial appearance, that weight-loss might be a concern.

But graphs are fun anyway, and researchers aren’t allowed to assume. It’s clear, though, that after we break our New Year’s Resolutions and fail miserably at the chocolate sacrifice for Lent, that summer reminds we may find ourselves half-naked in public some time.

"It is odd though," LeeAnn writes, "given how much time it takes to loose [sic] any significant amount of weight, that the correlation between ‘swimwear’ searches and ‘diet’ searches is timed so close. Apparently, we’re shooting for immediate results, since some of the popular search terms are ‘3 day diet,’ ‘fad diets,’ and ‘fast weight loss diets.’"