AOL Sites Continue To Grow

    March 17, 2009

AOL sites continued to experience growth by receiving record traffic in February, with pageviews increasing 21 percent year over year to reach 5.7 billion and total minutes rose 22 percent to 4.2 billion, according to comScore.

Additionally, according to Nielsen Online, AOL users spent more than three hours and forty-five minutes on its sites or applications in February, which is the most of any online company. grew 5 percent in pageviews, 6 percent in unique visitors and 32 percent in total minutes year over year, partly due to it opening up to third-party content, including email and social networks in the fall of 2008.

Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson

In January, AOL announced the creation of MediaGlow that centralizes the company’s publishing efforts, with the goal of expanding its global reach.

AOL News also had a record month, reaching its largest audience ever with over 30.7 million unique visitors as well as a 48 percent increase in pageviews, 19 percent increase in total minutes and 18 percent increase in unique visitors.

"MediaGlow continues to grow audience reach and engagement by leaning into the fragmentation of the Web and creating valuable brands that attract new and larger audiences across numerous valuable demographics," said Bill Wilson, President, MediaGlow.

"This helps our advertising partners reach a highly engaged and receptive audience across a wide range of brand offerings."