Another PageRank Update Is Underway

    July 15, 2005

It actually started last night, but yes, Google is in the process of updating PageRank to the usual fanfare. As mentioned before, when Google does an update like PageRank or backlinks, people flock to the forums to discuss the results.

This update is no different. While we can debate whether or not PR has any meaning until we are blue in the face, this does not stop people from sharing their reactions. At WebProWorld, this very topic is being discussed and what you get is the usual happiness (my green bar increased) or the disappointment (my PR dropped from 6 to 3. WHY????). In fact, the topic starts with a post that sums up how people react to the update news:

Swore I would never do this, but my site appears to be going from 5 to 6. Could the update be underway?

Another example:

I can confirm, backlinks increased from 233 to 918, but PR dropped from 6 to 5….uuuhhhh??

And another:

YES! My site went from PR5 to 6! Links still not counted tho…

Then you get these types of posts that try and discuss the usefulness or futility of PageRank updates:

The logic of PR doesn’t make sense to me anymore. PageRank was supposed to measure IBL’s vs OBL’s. My new site has been through 2 PR Toolbar updates. The pages with the least amount of IBL’s have PR 5’s. The pages with the most IBL’s have 4’s. Even a 1-month-old page with NO outside IBL’s now has a PR 5. I find that amusing.

One thing is sure about PageRank updates: they make for a good time reading the forum posts discussing them. If you would like, you can test the update’s effects on your site at the following datacenters:

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