Americans Trust Online News More Than TV

More than half don

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When it comes to trusting the press in general 54 percent of Americans say they do not trust them and 46 percent say they do not trust television while 41 percent say the do trust Internet news according to a new poll from HarrisInteractive.

Americans Trust Online News More Than TV

Politically Democrats are more likely to trust the media than Republicans. Just over half of Democrats (51%) trust radio compared to 45 percent of Republicans, and 45 percent of Democrats trust Internet news sites compared to 40 percent of Republicans.

Half of Democrats (50%) say they trust television compared to 31 percent of Republicans. Forty-three percent of Democrats say they trust the press in general while just 19 percent of Republicans feel the same.

While the trust level for Internet news is higher than other types of media that’s not where Americans turn to for political news. Seventy percent tune into to their local television news, followed by 66 percent who watch cable news stations like CNN or FOX. Sixty-five percent of Americans read their local newspapers for political news and 64 percent watch network television news.

Thirty-two percent of Americans never visit the Web sites of national newspapers for political news and 30 percent never go to the Web sites of cable news stations when looking for political news.

By generation people 63 and older are more likely to watch local television news (83%) while Baby Boomers (those between 44-62) are more likely to watch cable news (74%), local newspapers (74%) and network television (73%).

What is surprising is that the youngest generation is not the most likely to visit the Web sites of various media but Baby Boomers. Boomers are the generation most likely to use the Web sites for national newspapers (40%) and the cable television networks (40%) all the time or occasionally.

Americans Trust Online News More Than TV
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  • Guest

    As a boomer, I tend to look at the Drive -by media (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, most major newspapers, etc) with question for the simple reason that you can see their self-serving bias.

    Although being personally conservative, there comes a point where most of us (liberal or conservative) say to ourselves, "you know that just doesn’t sound right," & we go out & investigate the so-called facts for ourselves.  That forces us to look at other news outlets such as BBC or talk radio. 

    Online news is a whole lot "easier" to "check up on."  All of the tools are literally right there at your fingertips.

    This political cycle is a good example of exposing most media for the people they are.  W’here are the tough questions?  What does "change" mean (yes, we all want change, but change for change’s sake doesn’t work)?  Where’s the beef?

    As a business owner, I have to present my products truthfully & I have to be able to back up those claims.  "News" doesn’t have to be true.  It has to be expedient – often at the expense of the truth (the good things that the US troops are doing around the world, abortion, global warming, etc – don’t worry I’m not getting on a soapbox).

    No wonder most print media outlets are loosing revenue & Google & others are swimming in revenue!  If no-one is reading. why advertise in that space?

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