Trump 2016: It Could Really Happen This Time

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Donald Trump has reportedly spent $1 million researching a run for office in 2016, and, unlike 2012 when he hinted at a bid for the presidency but never ran, this time it could really happen.

“The electoral research was commissioned. We did not spend $1 million on this research for it just to sit on my bookshelf,” Trump's special counsel Michael Cohen said. “At this point Mr. Trump has not made any decision on a political run, but what I would say is that he is exactly what this country needs. The turnout at these political speeches indicates his following remains very strong and is growing.“

Indeed, Trump can command quite a crowd and even spoke about his political aspirations at the recent Oakland County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, saying:

“Everybody tells me, ‘Please run for president. Please run for president.’ I would be much happier if a great and competent person came along. I’d be happy if President Obama did a great job. I’m a Republican, but before anything, I love this country. I would love to see somebody come in who is going to be great.”

Of course, if Trump does run, he won't be able to keep control of his company; by law, he'll have to turn it over to his kids or put it into a trust, and that doesn't seem like something the real-estate mogul would be willing to do. However, he may just surprise us all and jump into the game once and for all. He did mention at the dinner that he believes Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic frontrunner, despite Clinton's assurances that she's not willing to put herself in that position.

Amanda Crum
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