Massive Dropbox Update Adds E2EE & Microsoft 365 Co-Authoring

Dropbox has dropped its Spring 2024 update, bringing end-to-end encryption (E2EE), Microsoft co-authoring, and much more....
Massive Dropbox Update Adds E2EE & Microsoft 365 Co-Authoring
Written by Matt Milano
  • Dropbox has dropped its Spring 2024 update, bringing end-to-end encryption (E2EE), Microsoft co-authoring, and much more.

    As one of the most popular cloud storage features, security and encryption are paramount concerns. While Dropbox has always offered good security, the company has not always provided true E2EE, a noticeable disadvantage when compared with some rivals.


    According to founder and CEO Drew Houston, the company’s latest update brings seamless E2EE.

    So today, we’re adding even more advanced data protection features, designed to be easy to use for all business teams. In addition to existing layers of security for all Dropbox accounts, business teams will now have access to:

    • Seamless end-to-end encryption: Safeguards data so only the sender and recipient can access content, which means no one—not even Dropbox—can get into those files. Seamless end-to-end encryption is now natively integrated into team folders and eliminates the need for additional software subscriptions.
    • Advanced key management: Add an extra layer of security by setting up a unique encryption key managed by FIPS 140-2 Level 3 key management services, providing more protection and easier management of all team Dropbox files.

    In addition to E2EE, Dropbox is adding improved admin tools that also improve security.

    We’re also introducing new tools to make it easier for admins to get vital information and visibility into team activity in one place:

    • Improved Admin Experience: Manage team membership and invites from a central dashboard. Stay up-to-date on pending invites and license usage.
    • Updated Trust Center: Simplify risk assessments of Dropbox products. Get self-serve, anytime access to information about security, reliability, privacy, and compliance, and complete internal reviews, audits, and risk assessments faster than ever.

    DocSend Advanced Data Rooms

    On the security front, Dropbox is adding an interesting new feature called DocSend Advanced Data Rooms. The feature is designed to be a one-stop virtual place where an entire deal can be conducted, “from initial pitch to final signature.”

    With features like advanced permissioning and built-in NDAs, you have precise control over your most sensitive information. You can grant viewing, downloading, or uploading privileges to visitors and groups, or set granular permissions down to the file level.

    Microsoft Integration

    The update also brings improved integration with Microsoft teams, as well as real-time co-authoring for Microsoft 365, although this feature is still in beta.

    Real-Time Co-Authoring (beta): One of Dropbox’s most-requested features ever, Co-Authoring allows multiple team members to collaboratively edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from desktop, web, and mobile, natively within Dropbox. You can also see who’s in the document and where they’re editing in real-time, so everyone is working off the latest version. Now teams can finally put an end to conflicting copies.

    The update also adds OneDrive support for Dropbox Replay.

    Additional Features

    In addition to the above headlining features, the update includes a slew of features designed to improve the web experience and give users faster access to their files. Users can now preview files as they navigate folders, pin favorite files for quick access, and use suggested quick actions that are based on a user’s workflow.

    Paid users will also be able to use dynamic filters to access content faster, and search for files using smart suggestions.

    Dropbox Replay has received a number of improvements, including rich media support, Avid Pro Tools integration, dynamic watermarking, and custom branding.

    Drobpox Dash, AI-powered universal search also sees improvements with one-click access, a redesigned start page, and new connectors that support integration with 20 tools and apps.

    Overall, this update is a massive one for Dropbox users, bringing important security enhancements and quality-of-life improvements for all.

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