The Comic-Con 2013 Cosplay Music Video Shows Off the Best Costumes

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Aside from setting the upcoming entertainment schedule for geeks everywhere, Comic-Con has another, perhaps even more famous feature. I am, of course, talking about the amazing cosplay attendees who show up by the truckload. Yes, these appearances have become commonplace, if not mainstream, but the fact is, many of these cosplayers deserved to be recognized for the sheer amount of work that goes into some of these costumes. Whether it's a very real-looking Iron Man or Adam Savage's fantastic Admiral Ackbar, the Comic-Con cosplay never fails to disappoint, especially when Supergirl shows up.

And that's why videos like the following are so important, especially for those of us who didn't make it to San Diego this year and don't want to flip through a hundred different web slideshows.

While I'm partial to the BioShock cosplayers at the 1:20 mark (and the Wolverine/Boba Fett mashup at 1:51), there really is no winner here. All of the costumes that made this video were worthy, even if it's just a bodysuit of Patrick from Sponge Bob fame.

The video itself was made by the Sneaky Zebra guys, and if you're already familiar with their work, you know they were all over Comic-Con this year, something their YouTube page demonstrates very well. It's gaining some viral momentum as well, with the video netting almost 150,000 views in the two days since it was posted. Like the Comic-Con tagline I suggested the other day said, "come for the trailers, stay for the panels and the awesome cosplay."

It would be one of the most honest descriptions ever.