Seattle Seahawks Acquire Terrelle Pryor, Retain Richard Sherman For 2014 Season


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The Seattle Seahawks have barely come off their win against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, but the team is already looking forward to the next season. In fact, the team has already acquired one high profile player and cemented its relationship with another.

The Seattle Seahawks announced that they have acquired Oakland Raiders' quarterback Terrelle Pryor. According to ProFootballTalk, Seattle beat the San Francisco 49ers to the punch by signing Pryor first. Both teams would have obviously benefited from Pryor being added to their team. When he was with the Raiders, Pryor started 10 games and passed for 1,953 yards, 9 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Interestingly enough, some are suggesting that Pryor may not be a quarterback for the Seahawks. In the acquisition announcement, the team's general manager, John Schneider, referred to Pryor as an "explosive athlete." Seattle Pi admits that it may be looking too much into the wording, but the publication seems to think Schneider's use of the word athlete may indicate that Pryor will be shifted to another position on the team.

Either way, Seattle is obviously excited to have Pryor aboard:

In other news, the Seahawks are close to signing a deal that will ensure cornerback Richard Sherman stays with the team. The Sports Xchange is reporting that the deal will see Sherman being paid $13 million per season. If the deal goes through, Sherman will be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL - an honor previously held by Darrelle Revis who signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $16 million per season. That deal fell through, however, and now Revis is only making $12 million per season with the New England Patriots.

That may no longer be the case next year, however, as Revis' free agent status guarantees him $20 million if the Patriots want to keep him after his contract expires in 2015. The team could seek a contract that pays less during the season as it's unlikely that the team would pay that much money to retain him.

The Seahawks will be able to exercise its new and returning talent later this year when it goes up against the Broncos in a rematch during the 2014 NFL Season.

Image via Wikimedia Commons