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Sometimes things just fall into your lap, and when they get there you can't help but just shake your head and wish you could un-think their existence. Which is exactly the feeling sweeping over me now, with

When visiting the website, you at first might think you'd be met with KKK references, confederate flags, and bad grammar. In fact, it's the exact opposite. The site's rhetoric is comprehensible, well articulated, and all sorts of scary. There's an occasional triple exclamation point, but when you're trying to get people to eat from your stew of stupidity, sometimes you need extra exclamation. On their about page, the site's founder cuts to the chase about what the movement's true intentions are...

We believe that the White people of the world has every moral right to persist upon planet Earth, simply because it is part of Creation. To establish our self-determination, it is our goal to bring about the creation of our own exclusive country, which for now, we shall call the White Republic.

We are not affiliated with any particular group, faction, or religious organization. We do support collective groups of individuals who keep at the forefront of their actions what is best for the White people of the world in a legal manner.

So, what does a person look like who subscribes to these beliefs? Luckily, they have a photo of a "demonstration" which took place at the University of Southern Indiana. There are no words to describe...


(Credit: The Shield at USI)

If you want to research further, their handbook is a real eye-opener.

Save White People Handbook

Signs and wonders.

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