Sandra Bullock Top Earning Actress Of 2013 With 51 Million Dollars

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Sandra Bullock has been named by Forbes as the top earning actress of 2013. How much did she earn? Only about 51 million dollars.

Although that may seem like a fortune to the average American, Bullock only earned a fraction of what the top male actor earned in 2013. Robert Downey Jr. claimed the top Forbes ranking for the second year in a row with his 75 million dollar take from last year. Over all, the top ten earning actress only earned slightly more than half of what their male counterparts earned. 419 million dollars for the men and 226 million for the women.

Other actresses to make the list were Jennifer Lawrence ($34 million), Jennifer Aniston ($31 million), Gwyneth Paltrow ($19 million), Angelina Jolie ($18 million), and Cameron Diaz ($18 million).

Last year, Jolie topped the list with 33 million dollars in earnings.

To what does the Bullock owe this fortune? Forbes explained in the list that Gravity, in spite of a downturn in movies with original concepts, grabbed 716 million dollars at box office.

Sandra Bullock just turned 50. How does this millionaire actress celebrate? By going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to get away from Hollywood for a little while. She kept the whole affair hush hush, only including a few close friends in on her trip. The multimillionaire actress appropriately went to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar to hear the Southern Soul Allstars play.

“They said they kept it [quiet] because she sometimes likes to just act like a normal person,” Dianne McManus, vocalist, pianist, and keyboardist of the group, explained. “They came out and danced and took a bunch of pictures.”

When word got out the next day that Bullock had been at the bar with her friends, people flooded into the bar to hopefully catch a glimpse of the actress.

But she was nowhere to be seen.

She was probably enjoying her millions somewhere else.

Image via Entertainment Tonight, YouTube

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