Microsoft Loop Online Collaboration Tool Is Available

Microsoft has taken the wraps off of Loop, the company’s online collaboration tool, making it available in public preview.

FTC Tackles Hard-to-Cancel Subscriptions

The FTC is tackling subscription services that make it hard to cancel or require users to call in to cancel.

California May Force Big Tech to Pay for News

California may join Australia and Canada in forcing Big Tech to pay for news content, setting up a major confrontation with Silicon Valley.

Windows 11 False Security Notification Rears Its Head Again

Windows 11 users are once again seeing the “standard hardware security not supported” notification.

WhatsApp Adds New Group Features

WhatsApp has added new group features, including improved control over group privacy and better community features.

JPMorgan: US ‘Past the Point of No Return’ and Headed Toward Recession

JPMorgan is sounding the warning about the US economy, saying it is “already past the point of no return.”

Intel Is Losing Its Head of Graphics

Intel is losing Raja Koduri, its head of graphics, when the company is trying to take on Nvidia and AMD.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Working on First Republic Rescue Plan

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is reportedly leading the charge to save First Republic Bank and restore confidence in the bank.

Google CEO: ‘Things Will Go Wrong’ With Bard AI

Google has finally released its Bard AI to the world, albeit via a waitlist, but Google CEO Sundar Pichai is warning “things will go wrong.”

Microsoft Brings DALL-E AI Image Creator to Bing

Microsoft is continuing its transformation of Bing into an AI powerhouse, adding the DALL-E AI image creator to its Bing AI.

Oracle Releases Java 20

Oracle has released Java 20, the latest Feature Release on the company’s six-month update cycle.

Amazon Is Shutting

Amazon is shutting down popular camera review site, ending a 25-year run.

Get Ready for Another Nvidia GPU Crunch

Gamers may enjoy a ready supply of Nvidia GPUs, but that may soon change as the AI market heats up.

Google Releases Bard AI to the Public

Google is moving to the next stage of its AI development, releasing it to the public to try out, although using it will require joining a waitlist.

Personal Loans For Business: What You Need to Know

When it comes to personal loans for business, here is what you need to know. Learn more in the article below.

Microsoft Is Taking a ‘Principled Approach’ to Changing Default Apps

Microsoft is going to make it much easier for users to change their default apps, adopting a “principled approach.”

eCommerce Email Marketing: Why Do You Need It?

When you are dealing in eCommerce, it is in fact important to have a good understanding of eCommerce email marketing.

Microsoft Adding ChatGPT Email Creation Into Viva Sales

Microsoft is taking another crack at Salesforce, integrating ChatGPT email creation into Viva Sales to make it easier for salespeople to communicate with clients.

Microsoft May Launch Mobile Game Store Next Year

Microsoft may launch a mobile game store next year in one of its most ambitious attempts to take on Apple and Google.

Zippyshare File Hosting Service Is Shutting Down After 17 Years

Zippyshare, the popular file hosting service, is shutting down after 17 years of operation, despite 45 million monthly visits.