Miss Universe 2013 Crowned, From Venezuela

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Yesterday, a new Miss Universe was crowned. The new reigning Miss Universe is from Venezuela, making her the 7th winner from the South American country, according to Time. According to People, Venezuela has more winners of beauty competitions than any other country.

Pageants rank up there with baseball as one of the country's most followed diversions. There is, in fact, a booming industry built around beauty in Venezuela. The industry is based around beauty salons, plastic surgeons and grooming schools that prepare girls for the thousands of various pageants that take place in Venezuelan schools, army barracks, and sometimes, even their prisons.

These beauty competitions, along with baseball, break down the usual barriers imposed by social class and politics to bring the country together to stand behind their contestant.

Last year's winner, American Olivia Culpo, had the honor of crowning her successor in the over-the-top ceremony. Gabriela Isler, whose full name is Maria Gabriela de Jesus Isler Morales is a Television host in Venezuala on Venevision. She won out of 86 other competitors for the title of Miss Universe.

This title is a dream come true for these contestants, who work for years to get in the Miss Universe competition. Saturday's outcome had Isler understandably a little shaken up. “I have a lot of emotions. I can’t describe all the things that I feel at this moment because I’m shaking,” she said.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro congratulated Gabriela Isler on her win, calling it a "triumph" for their country. Isler's first job as Miss Universe 2013 will be to pose in a custom $1 million dollar swimsuit for photographers.

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