Marco Rubio Tweets That He Is Not the Savior You're Looking for

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Is Florida Senator Marco Rubio the savior of the Republican party? That's debatable. But according to Rubio, he is not the savior of anything.

That title belongs to Jesus - at least that's what a recent tweet suggests.

"There is only one savior, and it is not me. #Jesus," tweeted Rubio early Thursday morning.

Rubio is undoubtedly responding to a new TIME magazine cover story that labels the junior Senator "The Republican Savior."

The tweet is a bit vague, however. Either Rubio is simply speaking out against the use of the word "savior" in a non-biblical fashion, or he's implying that Jesus is the savior of the Republican party.

Damn those hashtags. They can be a bit opaque in their meaning.

TIME has responded to Rubio:


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