Illinois Primary 2014: Bruce Rauner Wins Republican Gubernatorial Nomination

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Bruce Rauner won the GOP primary in his bid for governor in the state of Illinois. The other Republican Party challengers were Sen. Kirk Dillard, State Sen. Bill Brady, and state Treasurer Dan Rutherford. It is Rauner’s first time bidding for the nomination.

The unofficial vote count shows Rauner collected 40 percent of votes, while Dillard, Brady, and Rutherford got 38, 15, and 7.5 percent respectively.

The Democrats have already given their nod to incumbent governor Pat Quinn, who received 72 percent of the votes. Tio Hardiman got the remaining 28 percent.

The Democratic Party has been holding the gubernatorial fort since 2003, and they have also controlled the Legislature and most offices in the state. The arrival of Rauner into the picture is sure to be a cause of concern, especially since some voters have expressed their desire to break an alliance between the Democrats and organized labor.

Bruce Rauner Votes In Primary

Rauner also has a massive campaign fund. He was able to raise more than $14 million, which includes more than $6 million of his own wealth. His financial status was used against him by Quinn, however, who aired television commercials attacking him over the issue of minimum wage.

Governor Pat Quinn On Minimum Wage

In the south, the voters’ desire for change stemmed from marginalization. They feel neglected, with most, if not all, of the political favor going to the Democrats and the area of Chicago. One Godfrey resident laments, “All of our money goes up there while southern Illinois gets the crumbs.”

On the other hand, organized labor groups are skeptical of Rauner, who they think may weaken unions in the same way other Republican governors have. Rauner had stated that his leadership would be modeled after those by former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Daniels and Walker rolled back union influence to attract business and reduce labor costs.

The Illinois gubernatorial election will be held on November 4, 2014.

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