Hoverboards Hoax: Funny Or Die Confesses it Was a Lie

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Every Back to the Future fan who dreamed of owning a hoverboard came closer to seeing this become a reality yesterday. Tony Hawk, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), and a mysterious company called HUVr released videos claiming that a hoverboard has finally been created. Hoverboards became famous from Back to the Future II. Since the film’s release, people have hoped that one day hoverboards would become a reality. And today...it still hasn’t.

From careful analysis and investigations, The Verge team and others have already shut down any hope of the hoverboard video being real. According to Verge, you can see the strings used in the video with their screencap. This proves that these antigravity devices have not been invented yet. However, this makes many wonder what’s behind the elaborate lie: what’s really being promoted?


Hawk will release a new mobile skateboarding game sometime this year, so of course that’s the obvious choice. On the other hand, isn’t this a little extreme? Why toy with hoverboard fans’ emotions for an app? Another popular theory is that this is a hoax designed either by Funny or Die or Jimmy Kimmel. The evidence has heavily been stacked in Funny or Die’s favor.

According to CNET, “On the online portfolio site of Lauren Biedenharn -- a costume designer and an artist based in Los Angeles where, as well as being the home of Hawk, Schoolboy Q, and Consentino, the video was shot -- the most recent line of her resume reads, "Commercial: Back to the Future HUVR BOARDS." Her employer and the producer of said commercial: comedy video Web site Funny Or Die.” Besides this proof, HUVr’s lead engineer is actor Nelson Cheng, who appeared in some Funny or Die videos. HUVr claims Cheng is just a spokesman for the company.

With the upcoming release of self-tying laces, it’s not surprising many hoped hoverboards soon would follow, which makes this possible (very likely) hoax all the more diabolical and genius.

HUVr’s official site shows a countdown teasing that something is coming in December 2014. When different media outlets attempted to contact the company, they stood by their claim of authenticity. As much as everyone would love to start riding hoverboards, there is too much proof against this reality. All Back to the Future fans can hope for now is another movie, or would that further crush dreams?

Update: Funny or Die confessed that it was all a hoax. To make up for their lie, they're giving away one hoverboard used in the video.

Doc Brown is forgiven, but not you, Funny Or Die. Never you.

Image via HUVr Tech, Facebook

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