GDC 2012: TheLoop Seeks To Make Social Media Truly Social

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As the Game Developers Conference expands to more non-traditional platforms and modes of gaming, there will be more announcements that would seem out of place only a few years ago. This is one of those announcements.

Today at GDC, TheLoop announced the official launch of its social networking site. TheLoop is described as "a new social discovery and broadcast network." The site is built on the core value of "seeking to partner with users instead of simply gaing from their creativity."

“TheLoop is different because of its social philosophy, which sees the users as partners in the network’s success whilst providing them with new forms of social expression,” says Adi Engel, Head of TheLoop launch team.

TheLoop is an amalgamation of pretty much every other social networking site and provides all the features that one has come to expect out of these dime a dozen social networking projects. That being said, TheLoop does sound interesting if only for the emphasis on having its users shape the site.

TheLoop Social Media

It does leave the question of why they chose GDC to announce the launch of the site. The reason is that they are seeking app developers to create content for a growing Web site instead of developing content "into overly-saturated existing platforms."

You can check out the open beta now at their Web site. For convenience and a heavy dose of irony, you can also log in with your Facebook account. It will import your profile picture and some other information into your TheLoop account.

Their YouTube page features six 30 second YouTube videos that do nothing to explain the site's features. You're better off just messing around with the Web site as is. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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