Gamescom 2012: Star Wars 1313 Still Looks Amazing


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After the disappointing Force Unleashed II, a new Star Wars game wasn't high on anybody's anticipation meter. That all changed at E3 when LucasArts gave us our first look at Star Wars 1313. It's a new game starring not the usual Jedi characters, but a regular bounty hunter on the planet/city of Coruscant.

It's been a few months since E3 and that first trailer still amazes to this day. What could LucasArts to do ratchet up the hype for their new game? Make an even better trailer. That's what they did today with Gamescom 2012 playing host to our next look at Star Wars 1313.

The new trailer only confirms that the visuals are still one of the strongest parts of the new title. It's clearly some of the best work done in Unreal Engine 3. There are even rumors that the title may be next gen due to just how good it looks.

The visuals aren't the only thing the game has going for it though. The new trailer gives us a look at some more of the gameplay present. As a bounty hunter, the game will focus a lot on gunplay. There will be some melee combat as well. It all looks fast and fluid. In all honesty, it looks like Uncharted set in the Star Wars universe. That's not a bad thing at all and LucasArts definitely impresses.

We still have no clue when the game will be out except for a vague 2013 release date. LucasArts hasn't mentioned platforms yet either adding to the next gen buzz. Much like Watch Dogs, the game is being run on a powerful PC decked out with the latest components. We'll probably find out more throughout the end of the year. Hopefully they'll be ready to announce a launch date by E3 2013.