EVE Online Gets New Trailer For 2012 Updates


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EVE Online is one of those MMOs that you would never expect to see much action from. All I ever see is players trading goods and flying around the universe completing various objectives that never really result in any kind of conflict. Outside of a few pirate raids, it's a pretty realistic MMO that focuses on real world activities over constant warfare. That's about to change though.

At the EVE Fanfest this week, CCPGames showed off a new cinematic trailer that sets up the major conflict coming to the EVE Online universe. The trailer gives off a good vibe that almost makes me want to see a sci-fi film made out of it. It should get fans excited for the updates heading to EVE Online this year.

The other interesting thing about the trailer is that it sets up what DUST 514 is all about. If you haven't heard about it, DUST 514 is a PS3 games that ties into EVE Online. It's a first-person competitive shooter that has players duking it out on the ground. These ground skirmishes directly influence the politics and the world in the PC game. It's an interesting concept that was also used in Mass Effect 3.

Check out the trailer below and get excited. EVE Online was never something that I was particularly interested in, but this new direction for the franchise has me geared up to at least jump on DUST 514.

While you're at it, the team showed off some new weapons hitting EVE Online this year. If anything, watch it for the awesome music that accompanies it. It's good to know that quality European metal is going to be around in space.