Ellen Pompeo Slams 2013 Emmys For Lack Of Diversity


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This year's 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards made a lot of headlines over the past few days, including various highlights, such as: Glee star Cory Monteith's tribute, the really short Emmy acceptance speech by Merritt Wever, and Edie Falco's tribute to James Gandolfini. Another aspect to this year's Emmys that is attracting attention is Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo's comments regarding the well-known awards show.

On Monday, September 23rd (one day after the Emmys were broadcasted), according to USA Today, Pompeo stated that she was "really disappointed by Sunday's telecast." Pompeo also made the following remark:

"I didn't see any diversity in the Emmys at all. The Emmys felt so dated to me. That dance number was embarrassing. Did you see one person of color in that dance number?"

In the dance number that Pompeo referred to (provided below), do note that the dancers' ethnicities are actually hard to determine due to their costumes and how fast they moved during the performance. The "Choreography" section dance number was created by various well-known dance choreographers from the popular dance reality shows So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars.


In a YouTube interview with Pompeo (shown below), she talks about the headline show that she stars in (Grey's Anatomy) and makes the statement "I'm extremely proud of our very, very diverse cast which represents the world that I walk around in every day." This is true because many of the cast of doctors, nurses, and interns during the show are of various ethnicities.

According to the Twitterverse, the opinion about the diversity of the Emmys is fairly mixed:

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[Image source: YouTube]