E3 2013: Star Wars Battlefront Is In Good Hands


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It was revealed a few months ago that EA had secured the exclusive license to make Star Wars games on consoles going forward. The publisher said that it would be putting three of its best teams on said Star Wars games. The first of those three games was revealed this week during E3.

During its E3 press conference, EA revealed that DICE is working on Star Wars Battlefront. The title will be the latest in the super popular Star Wars Battlefront franchise that was originally handled by Pandemic on the PS2, Xbox and PC. Here's a short teaser trailer:

So, who at DICE is making Star Wars Battlefront? EA's Patrick Söderlund says that Battlefield executive producer Patrick Bach and DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson both jumped on the chance to apply their specific talents to the popular franchise.

The game is now in development at DICE Stockholm by a team that was begging for the chance to work on the game. Söderlund says that the folks at DICE were saying things like "we would kill to make this game" and "please give us this game" when they were made privy to the talks between EA and Disney.

Söderlund goes onto say that this was a rare occurrence as DICE tends to work on either new IP or their own franchises like Battlefield or Mirror's Edge. Of course, working on a new entry in what is arguably the most beloved Star Wars franchise ever made definitely has its appeal. If they can pull it off, DICE will be seen by many Star Wars fans as the savior of the franchise that has been on the verge of death for the past few years.

Beyond DICE's Star Wars Battlefront, we actually don't know what the other Star Wars games in development are. All we know is that Visceral and Bioware will be making Star Wars games as well, but those are probably too early in development to even tease at this point.

[h/t: CVG]