Apple Park - Spring Loaded Event
Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset Reportedly Delayed Till June

Apple is reportedly delaying the debut of its mixed-reality headset once again, this time by a couple more months.

Microsoft Loses Faith in VR, Eliminates Entire Development Teams

Microsoft appears to have lost all confidence in virtual and mixed reality (MR), eliminating entire teams behind its development efforts.

Woman Working in Metaverse - Image by Gerd Altmann
Working in the Metaverse Is a Miserable Experience

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be enamored with the metaverse, but people who have to work in it have a decidedly different view.

Microsoft IVAS Headset - Credit Microsoft
Congress Deals Blow to Microsoft’s HoloLens Combat Goggles

Congress has dealt a major blow to Microsoft’s HoloLens combat goggles, refusing to authorize funds to purchase more of the devices.

John Carmack
John Carmack Pens Damning Memo Announcing His Departure From Meta

Game developer legend John Carmack is leaving Meta, slamming the company in a damning memo that is sure to make waves.

Meta Employees: ‘Zuckerberg Will Single-Handedly Kill’ the Company

Meta employees are speaking up about CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse obsession, saying he will kill the company.

Apple Park - Spring Loaded Event
Apple’s Advanced AR Glasses May Not Arrive Until 2026

While Apple is widely expected to release an AR/VR headset as early as next year, the company’s more advanced AR glasses may be delayed.

Meta Logo - Image by KNFind
Meta Poised for Biggest Layoffs in Its History

Meta is reportedly poised to lay off the largest number of employees in company history, beginning this week.

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Meta Cutting Staff Rather Than Metaverse Spending

Meta has announced it is cutting staff, but has no plans to cut its spending on the metaverse.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel
Snap CEO the Latest to Slam the Metaverse

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is the latest CEO to voice criticism of Meta’s vision of the metaverse.

Meta's Metaverse
Oculus Founder Says Meta’s Metaverse Is Like ‘Project Car’ That’s ‘Not Good’

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is the latest to slam Meta’s metaverse, saying it’s “not good.”

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Major Meta Investor Urges Company to Scale Back Metaverse Investments

Brad Gerstner, Altimeter Capital CEO, has written an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg urging him to reign in spending.

Microsoft IVAS Headset - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft’s AR Ambition Meets Reality as US Soldiers Experience Nausea and Headaches

Microsoft’s AR goggle test program with the US Army has hit some bumps, with soldiers reporting headaches and nausea.

Meta's Metaverse
Meta Looks to Microsoft to Bail Out the Metaverse

Meta is turning to Microsoft to help bail out the metaverse with a new partnership that brings Microsoft Teams to the Quest platform.

Walmart Land - Credit Walmart
Walmart Sets Up Shop in the Metaverse

Walmart is joining the metaverse, setting up a virtual store and play area on Roblox’s platform.

Walmart Be Your Own Model - Credit Walmart
Walmart’s ‘Be Your Own Model’ Expands Virtual Fitting

Walmart is expanding its virtual fitting service, letting users upload their own photo in addition to using existing models.

Metaverse - Image by ChiaJo
EU Gearing Up to Regulate the Metaverse

The metaverse may be a long way from widespread adoption, but the EU is already gearing up to regulate it.

Meta's Metaverse
Meta Will Charge Metaverse Content Creators a Nearly 50% Commission

Apple make receive the lion’s share of flak for charing a 30% commission for its App Store, but Meta is set to dwarf that for metaverse content creators.

Virtual Reality
Meta Taps Qualcomm to Manufacture Its VR Chips

Qualcomm has scored a major contract, with Meta tapping the firm to create its virtual reality (VR) chips.

Meta Logo - Image by KNFind
FTC Sues to Block Meta From Purchasing VR Company Within

The Federal Trade Commission is moving to block Meta from purchasing VR company Within, calling it an “illegal acquisition.”