Best Countries To Do Business 2012 Infographic


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Infographic Labs brings us this new infographic on where the best places to do business are in 2012. The study that yielded the information took into account overall ease of doing business, taxes, trade, permits, trademark registration, protecting investors, ease of starting a business, and several other key factors.

Under the current economic situation, I find the results surprising. This could be a useful tool for aspiring entrprenaurs and investors alike. I won't get too much into what the findings are, the inforgraphic speaks for itself.

One thing to keep in mind while digesting the information is that the graph also includes the most improved areas for doing business. So if you've had trouble in the past or have just heard horror stories, you might want to look again. Things can change pretty quickly in this economy, don't rule a particular country out until you do your homework. Enjoy:

There you have it, the best countries to start a business or do business in for 2012. It's surprising, isn't it? Living in the United States, I would just like to note how low we fall in the ratings. Sad, just sad. We better step it up this year, no excuses for not being number one!