Why Design Matters in Video Production

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Why Design Matters in Video Production
Written by Brian Wallace
  • When using video to convey messages to your market, whether it’s through a YouTube channel or video marketing, your success depends on how well you engage your audience. A video strategically created with high-quality design elements has more potential to engage people than a video that doesn’t account for design aesthetics, no matter how well-made that video happens to be.

    Video aesthetics can be engineered to impact your audience

    Just because a video looks good doesn’t mean it’s going to reach your market. To fully reach your audience, you need both a content strategy and aesthetics tailored to impact your market. When your audience feels like you understand their specific needs and can solve their problems, that will positively impact your conversions.

    The key is aligning your video design to your market’s preferences and needs. “Video content is an opportunity to create strong rapport with your audience,” VideoSupply CEO Dallin Nead explains. “Choosing the right design elements helps you tell a more compelling story that aligns with your market’s needs.”

    In other words, the design elements included in your videos will serve you best when they match your target market.

    Visual elements are everything in a video

    Media production companies focus on concept design because it sets the scene, creates the mood, and helps tell the story you want to convey to your audience. Even though videos often have audio, the visual elements will always be more powerful. As you can see with the McGurk effect, visual cues override audio cues, and that’s why video design matters.

    Video content is more memorable than text

    When your goal is to engage your audience and get them to become a lead or make a purchase, you need memorable content. Video serves this need perfectly by creating an immersive, sensory-rich experience. When a media production company uses concept design to craft your videos, they’re tapping into your audience’s emotions through appealing visuals and sound. 

    Visuals just hit harder than other sensory experiences; that’s why video content is more memorable than text-based blogs. According to research, people only remember 10% of what they read but remember 95% of the video content they consume. That’s a huge difference!

    Blog content is important for SEO and providing your audience with helpful information, but well-designed videos can do so much more. If you’re looking for a faster way to build rapport with your audience, generate trust, and get more sales, video marketing should be at the top of your list.

    Consistent design elements create trust

    Just like it’s crucial to have great video aesthetics, it’s important to create a seamless visual experience across all of your channels. They don’t have to feature identical imagery, but all of your online accounts should look like they belong to your brand. For instance, your profile photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram should either match or be recognizable variations. It also helps to use the same graphic design style in your video content and throughout your website.

    “A seamless experience from one platform to another makes people feel like they’re in the right place,” says Samuel Edwards, CMO of Website.Design. “This influences your market to recognize and trust your brand.”

    Trust is everything when it comes to increasing revenue. The lion’s share of profits in any industry always goes to companies with a trustworthy reputation.

    Branding your videos helps to generate recognition and trust

    Branding your videos is always a good idea, whether you want them to feature a logo, your trademark, or a certain aesthetic style. Video branding is a huge part of design and it’s what you need to generate brand recognition and build trust among your market.

    It’s ideal to know what your brand image is before producing your videos so they don’t become outdated if you change your imagery. However, if you don’t have that down yet, a professional video production company can help you create imagery that you can use beyond your videos.

    Great design is achieved through expertise

    Hiring a video production agency will be crucial in helping you succeed with your media content. Whether you need videos for a YouTube channel, marketing promo material, or content for a client, a professional media company will help you identify the ideal design elements to reach your market.

    If you’re ready to reach your market with video content, find a professional media company with a good portfolio, request a consultation, and get the ball rolling. The sooner you do, the faster you’ll have the high-quality, professional videos you need to get big results.

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