Zoho Releases App For Facebook

    July 3, 2007

While some people have rather low opinions of this development, others welcomed it, but in either case, it’s here: Zoho has launched an application for Facebook.

“You can now create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from Facebook,” announced Raju Vegesna on the official Zoho blog.  “You can also view and edit all your existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations (both personal and shared) from Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show.”

Perhaps we should first address the issue of “who cares?” – after all, Facebook is a social network, not a homework aid.  Jeff Nolan brings up another point, writing, “my reaction is ‘big whoop’.  I’m checking out a lot of Facebook applications and far too many of them think that just iframing their app in a Facebook wrapper is something we should get excited about.”

Yet we’ve seen (multiple times) how Facebook’s large user base can benefit a service.  And Vegesna states, “Considering the fact that 30% of our users are students, we couldn’t resist.”

These are busy days for Zoho – just a short while ago, the company released iZoho (an iPhone-specific version), and before that, SteekR integrated Zoho.  As for the future, Vegesna left a hint on Jeff Nolan’s blog: “We plan to integrate Zoho further info [sic] Facebook app.”