YouTube Insight, Content ID Come Together

    September 28, 2009

YouTube’s done a decent job of winning over content creators and rights holders, and its Content ID system, which lets them identify and profit from user-uploaded clips, has been a big part of that.  Content ID may become an even more popular feature, too, now that a quirk has been ironed out.

A post on the Official Google Blog acknowledged, "Previously, when you claimed a video with Content ID, we were only able to show you basic information (like view counts and tags) associated with the video you claimed."  So random teens who posted clips of Letterman might have access to more stats than CBS.

The post then continued, "But now, all the statistics and data we share directly with uploaders in YouTube Insight is available to Content ID partners too, making our content management tools more useful than ever – especially for partners whose claimed user videos generate lots of views for them." 

Indeed, the integration of Content ID and YouTube Insight is likely to offer content creators the sort of valuable information about audiences that they often commission expensive studies to obtain.  And now the information will come from an authentic spectrum of YouTube users, rather than whatever small sample a polling firm might contact.

This positive change probably counts as one of several that a senior product manager hinted at earlier this month, so stay tuned to see what else is on the way.