You May Be Getting More Twitter Traffic Than You Realize

Danny Sullivan on Bing and Searching with Twitter

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As you may know, the SMX Advanced event in Seattle took place recently, and interestingly enough, two of the hottest topics frequently discussed were not Google-related (not that Google was discussed frequently too). Odd for a search marketing event isn’t it?

Mike McDonald of WebProNews discussed these hot topics – Bing and Twitter search with one of the biggest names in the industry – Danny Sullivan.

The two discussed Microsoft’s decision to brand its new search engine with the Bing name, and Sullivan pointed out that its launch led to a lot of people discovering things that were already there, but are now packaged in a different way.

On the topic of Twitter, Danny believes it is very compelling to search marketers because people are searching in real time. He notes that it’s not only about Twitter Search itself. People often search simply by tweeting.

He also goes into the tracking of Twitter traffic, and explains why you might even be getting better traffic from Twitter than you realize. It’s possible that not everything is registering in your analytics program. Watch the above clip to learn more. What are your thoughts on Bing/Twitter for searching? Talk about them here.

You May Be Getting More Twitter Traffic Than You Realize
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  • http://www.TyrkietFan.dk Tyrkiet Fan

    I guess relaunching is always a nice way to get new attention :-)

  • http://spidermarket.wordpress.com Top Keywords That Converts

    Using Twitter for real time search to see whats going in your own business industry, this an awesome concept/tool to have at your disposal. With a push of a button and/or stroke on your keyboard. Bingo, you get the results!

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com Spencer Spellman

    I’ve had a lot of success with Twitter search. Even if you’re not using Twitter, Twitter search is great to find trends, see what people are talking about, etc. I usually use this to complement my Google search, although I think Google will add a realtime search feature in the future.

  • http://www.iblbuilder.com IBL Builder

    I certainly had not considered using twitter search.

    Now I have!

  • http://www.freebabycoupons.info baby coupons

    I agree with this since twitter is indeed a good site with lots of benefits and have may members. A good time and a good marketing plan is the key to be able to be successful with twitter

  • http://www.chinalocal.blogspot.com China local

    Tweeter is a great tool for geting good traffic , if i get more of it , i will love that , it is good.

  • http:///www.TrafficVault.com TrafficVault

    I have been discussing the difference between bit.ly and Google Analytics for a few weeks now. I put together an example of this disparity. http://bit.ly/WWKBu

  • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ Havoc Marketing

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the great article. Now I know why there’s a disparity between the data provided by Bit.ly and Google Analytics. I didn’t take into consideration the search done by smartphone/mobile device users.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    Mani Raj
    Havoc Marketing

  • dont be such a noob

    are you serious? you use google analytics and bit.ly stats to analyze your web traffic? talk about noob.

    the only way to get exact analytics is to parse your own web server logs in conjunction with session tracking. then you will get a sense of who they are (ip,useragent) where they came from (referer), pages viewed, conversion, exit, return,etc.

    what i cant believe is you rely on TWO 3rd party providers and wonder why there are discrepancies????? DUH.

    on behalf of google, i would like to thank everyone for giving google a metric buttload of data by using their free analytics… god only knows what else their code captures from users on your sites…..

    • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ Havoc Marketing

      Well, whoever you are, Bit.ly and Google Analytics are only two of the many tracking services I use.

      Mani Raj
      Havoc Marketing

  • http://www.neoranking.com singapore-seo-guy

    been at twitter for less than a year what started as a trial turned into a regular activity for me. personally i use it as a form of micro-journal, i can look back 10 years later to see what i was up to during those times. it’s my own personal micro-journal for now. And one other I do on twitter is to follow my own heroes, folks like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are on twitter, did you know?

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